09.00.12 Future Barbarians, The Day on Fire, ETSU Slocumb Galleries
05.00.11 Gassed: An Introduction, Gassed, ed. David Humphrey
04.17.11 Interview: Folkert de Jong, an artist of spirit and Styrofoam. (burnaway.org)
01.19.11 Interview: Dana Schutz. (burnaway.org)
12.09.10 Kathryn Refi's chaos and happenstance at Solomon Projects. (burnaway.org)
11.01.10 E.K. Huckaby's Excursus: An uninvited guest critique. (burnaway.org)
10.01.10 Why bring Kehinde Wiley to Atlanta’s High Museum? (burnaway.org)
07.23.10 Robbins and Myers summon the forces of nature. (burnaway.org)
06.21.10 Holly Coulis and David Humphrey at Solomon Projects. (burnaway.org)
03.31.10 Obscura group show at Eyedrum. (burnaway.org)
03.10.10 Less is more at 2010 Whitney Biennial. (burnaway.org)
02.02.10 Gyun Hur at Get This! Gallery. (burnaway.org)
01.15.10 Micah Stansell’s Presynaptic Potential ends this Saturday. (burnaway.org)
01.04.10 Dialogue: Two Reviews of More Mergers and Acquisitions (burnaway.org)
12.03.09 Alex Kvares’ Oh So Fail (burnaway.org)